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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  May 9, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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hi, everyone, i'm breath troutman. we've got today's best videos "right this minute." ever stick your arm up a gum ball machine? just so maybe you could reach a gumball? now meet the kid who did and got stuck big time. why did this driver lead police round and round? well, because they were on a horse racetrack. >> he's going to get me. it's tourist 101. that photo of you holding up the leaning tower of pisa -- >> to have to stand there like an idiot. and then your friend goes, no, no. >> now see how one guy turned the whole ritual on its side. we've got a baby orangutan going all chainlink on her first
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climb. and two guys run and gun in the gym. the story behind the video making the rounds. christiane is going to get our show started with our first video. >> you know when you were a kid and you saw those gumball machines in the grocery store? did you ever stick your hand in one to see if you could reach one? so did little terrell except he got stuck in it. the 2-year-old decided he wanted to grab in out of the machine while dad wasn't looking. dad turns around. he realizes, he's stuck. >> should have just gave him a quarter. he's probably asking for the quarter. you should have given it to him. >> i turned my head for one minute. they were trying to get some gum out of the gum machine and his hand was stuck up in there completely, man. >> initially we did not have a plan. we were hoping that we would come in and it would be as simple as putting oil or something on it and sliding it out. it wasn't that simple. >> we see little terrell being
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rescued by firefighters who had to disassemble and break the gumball machine. finally, upon release -- >> he got the gumball. >> he did get it out, but listen to the exchange before he gets it out. >> open your hand. >> let the gumball go. >> let the gum go. >> let the gum go. >> they're trying to get him out. he still has his hand -- >> he's, like, i'm going to go through all this and i'm going to let go of it? no way. >> let the gum go, son. let it go. >> let the gum go. >> the kid probably wasn't even stuck. he had the death grip on the gumball. that's why he couldn't get out. >> he was definitely stuck and you're about to see why. >> hey, buddy, can i see your hand for a minute? >> when one of the police officers checks his hand, he realizes one of his little fingers does have a pretty bad boo-boo on it. >> poor guy. >> his little face looks so terrified. he was so sad, even though he had his gumball, he was scared. >> you ready to go home?
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a lot of the police chases we see on this show, they happen on the highway, on some back-country road. not this time because 28-year-old martin mcdonald decided to take this police chase to the old horse track. apparently the guy was drunk, broke through the gate of the via parka seen know in new mexico and started doing laps on the horse track. police were called to the scene. >> h my times id theynd?>>. he's ignoring them. listen to his reasoning. >> he told a couple of the officers that he just thought it would be fun to go out on the track and drive like he was in nascar. >> do you think he was laughing at himself the whole time? do you think he was having some kind of nascar ricky bobby moment? you ain't first, you're last! >> so police actually chased this guy around the track? >> why didn't they just, like, stop and wait for him to come around? >> you're right. they did surround the guy. >> when you come out, you need to have both of your empty hands
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showing. >> it took them ten minutes to convince old martin mcdonald to come out of his truck. and when he did, the police say he was too drunk to even perform a field sobriety test. and then passed out in the back of the police cruiser. if you're the casino, you want that guy out of there as quick as possible because they say he caused $40,000 in damage to the track. also, he's facing several charges, dwi and resisting an officer. >> well, at least, you know, he took the chase to a place where there was no traffic there. you know, he wasn't endangering citizens. >> sure. exactly what i was going to say. he took it to the track. you always say guys who want to go racing, at least he was smart enough to take it to the track. something happened at a school near seattle, washington, and now they're saying they think it may possibly be the result of a choking game that students are playing.
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as you can see from this video we got from kiro-tv, the taller boy who is 6'2" and 14 chokes another 14-year-old who passes out, falls and then hits his head. >> is this a bullying thing or are they doing this for thrills? >> they think that they're doing this for thrills because the choking game, they say that k ks get kind of a high when they get close to passing out. >> are kids that bored? do they not have enough to do in school? >> right? this is the craziest thing that i've ever heard. if this is, in fact, a game and not some bullying incident or some kind of school violence, then that makes this really, really odd. now, the 6'2" kid was taken to juvenile hall and kiro caught up with his mother. she says, you know what? my son did not mean to do this. >> he was sorry and he didn't know and he was just messing around. it went -- he didn't mean for that to happen. >> this kind of stuff has been happening for decades, you know, kids doing stupid stuff in
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school. that doesn't make sense. hurting themselves. and it's going to continue to happen. >> so what you're saying is teenagers have always been this stupid? including ourselves. >> including ourselves, right. >> to me it doesn't sound like it was even a choking game like trying to make someone faint. it just seems like he was playing a prank like come here, buddy. yeah. >> you know how boys jostle each other. say uncle. >> there are a lot more fun games out there. people have phones now. you can play whatever you want. play with those. don't do this. you've got to love a good samaritan story. these good samaritans were in san antonio, texas, on their way to a beach trip in corpus christi. and they came upon an accident site on i-35 and they spot to help. >> nobody was coming and everybody was driving. >> they came upon a truck that had been hit by an suv. and the truck was bursting into flames. >> the man, he was passed out in the car from the accident. his car was on fire. his door was jammed shut. we couldn't open it. >> they ran around to the
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passenger side of the door to try to help the guy. they dragged him out of the car before the flames took over. and placed him on the road, as you see here. there were four men on this road trip toward corpus christi. and all of them together helped this man get out of the car. >> how much better does that make your road trip? you're going on a road trip with your buddies to were cous krrpu christi? >> and they put their own lives at risk. >> we were scared, obviously, because we didn't want it to explode. we were too close. but we managed to get him out in time. >> that truck looked pretty burned, too. thank god they were there to help him out. >> the flames are pretty big. what reports say happened was the truck was stalled on i-35. and the suv actual lly came up behind it and hit it. these guys, after they dragged the driver out of the car and he was taken away to the hospital, they got back in their car and continued down the road and went on their beach trip. the lowest of the low kind of theft. cops on camera.
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>> you are justifying the theft of an ice cream truck? >> see the great ice cream truck caper video next. and a dog's day at the beach. >> watch what happens when some other dogs show up on the scene. >> oh! >> bummer. >> see what ruins this simple pleasure.
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the crooks in this video -- i just made myself laugh. the crooks in this video are downright cold. >> good intro. >> thanks. this surveillance video was shot outside jackson's ice cream parlor in dania beach, florida. this parlor has been around for 55 years serving the good people of dania beach. and some crooks -- what's another word for crooks? >> bad guys? >> and some bad guys broke into
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their back lot and stole their ice cream trucks. >> they stole the ice cream and the ice cream truck or they stole the ice cream truck and like filled it with money? >> they stole the ice cream truck which is also a freezer truck. >> it's terrible that guys would come in and steal the ice cream truck. but of all the things, an ice cream truck is kind of cool. >> you are justifying the theft of an ice cream truck? >> maybe just a little bit. ♪ >> think about the little girl who comes to this ice cream store the next day. she wants rocky road or maybe some moose tracks. and they don't have any. >> this truck actually was empty at the time it was stolen. they used this as their makeshift, like their backup freezer. and they're so passionate about their truck, they're nice rewar return. >> rocky road? >> a lifetime supply of ice cream! >> wow. >> i think i might head down to
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dania beach, try to find these guys. ♪ napoleon playing catch. ♪ >> good job, napoleon. >> i think this next video will make all of our male viewers nationwide cringe. calderon. i already know what's coming. that means you. we saw the story on yahoo! sports. this is a turkish soccer match. there's a bit of an altercation at midfield. here is why. oh, man. straight nut shot.
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that is didier zocora kicking emery square in the junk. >> lifted him up in the air and flipped him around. he doesn't look like he regrets it, like he did it on purpose. >> he did do it on purpose and he doesn't regret it whatsoever. and there's more to the story. before the match, youee e go to shake zocora's hand. he puts his hand behind his back. why? these same two teams met in april. emery was given a two-game suspension for an apparent racial slur against zocora. in his mind, that wasn't good enough. so what he did, he went into this game say, well, not going to shake your hand and i'm going to give you a healthy boot right to your junk. issued a yellow card. he put his hand up. he basically says yeah, i know what i did. >> my problem is if he used
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racial epithets and he didn't apologize -- >> it's a painful wound to his manhood. >> i felt it. >> i felt it and i have no idea what that feels like because that was a pretty hard kick. tomorrow on "right this minute" -- >> from the bronx returns with another eating challenge. this time it's all about what he's drinking. that's tomorrow on "right this minute." a lifeboat speeding to rescue a man overboard. >> and then they immediately try and stuff him into a trash bag. >> see the story behind the trash bag rescue next. and we go to italy where everyone strikes this pose except one guy who does something else. >> i still think what this dude is doing is pretty funny. >> yeah, it's funny. >> it's pretty hilarious. >> see the answer to
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i'm not sure how you fall off a ferryboat, but if you do, you'd better hope that there's some good rescuers nearby like here. this happened between portsmouth and the isle of white. you see the lifeboat crew speeding towards another small lifeboat. they scooped up a guy that fell off that giant white link ferryboat. i don't know how he falls off of that. maybe he was leaning over to get a good cell phone picture. it's not like it's a sightseeing boat. it's a commuter ferry.
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they transfer him into this larger lifeboat. he's obviously soaking wet and quite cold. and then they immediately try and stuff him into a trash bag. >> are they trying to keep him warm? >> he was treated for mild hypothermia and taken to the hospital. >> maybe he was looking for an excuse to not go to work since this is a commuter ferry. he just -- he had a due. he wasn't ready for it. oh, gosh, sorry, i fell off the boat. >> i think he's lucky to be alive because you fall into the drink, and you have to hope that there's some lifeboats close by that can speed to you fast enough and scoop you out of the water. this lovely dog you're looking at is lady shade. she belongs to my dear friend of more than 20 years, fin loner. and in san diego, he takes her to the beach all the time. almost daily. and she found a patch of seaweed that she found irresistible.
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>> maybe it's like a back massage for a dog, you know? seaweed has that, like, crunchy kind of -- >> yeah, but watch what happens when some other dogs show up on the scene. >> ooh. >> oh, no. >> oh! >> bummer. >> that's the worst thing that can happen to a dog. >> she was so friendly. she didn't even bark. that dog is literally coming up and saying i'm going to poop on your good time. >> what do you think they do after? do they talk it out? >> fin says that lady shade is a very, very sweet girl, so she didn't do anything. just look on in disgust. >> it looks like there's other seaweed out there that maybe she can find some attraction for. >> this is the one she liked. this is the one. ♪
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we've all seen photos of our friends and family on facebook pretending like they're holding up the leaning tower of pisa. you go there, you kind vf to do that. in order to get that photo, you kind of have to stand there like an idiot with your arms just up. and then your friend goes no, no. all these people are doing just that, trying to get their photo, you know, with their hands in the air. am i in the right spot? is it here? down? up? watch what this guy does. we found this video on he just runs around and high fives everybody because it does kind of look like you're standing there waiting for somebody to high five you. if you didn't, you'd be hung out to dry, you know? >> i love everyone's expressions. >> some people think it's hilarious. some people are, like, what? personal space. but i still think what this dude is doing is pretty funny. >> yeah, it's funny. >> it's pretty hilarious.
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and it's light-hearted and funny and charming. >> nobody gets hurt. right. ♪ >> of course, at the end of the video, we see some of the snapshots of this guy going up and high fiving all these people. people from all over the world visit the leaning tower. so it's like he's got photos of himself high fiving people of all sorts of different nationalities and races. >> i think it's awesome. >> sadly, we're not always on tv. but don't worry. because we're always on full episodes, breaking news, great videos always on the story behind what these guys are doing raises questions about, well, me. >> i don't know what's going on. >> you'll see why next.
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♪ i just found out that lmfao killed the shuffle. the real shuffle, that is. ♪ the shuffle is a dance that originated in the 1980s as a ray of club dance style. so then lmfao adopted the shuffle for their dance in the
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"party rock anthem" music video. they've performed it everywhere. ♪ well, this guy thinks that lmfao made a mockery of the integrity of the shuffle. >> because he's saying okay, teenagers nowadays associate the shuffle with what lmfao does. >> right. >> he's saying the shuffle looks more like this. to me, the shuffle that originated in the 1980s is the truffle shuffle from the go goonies. that's the shuffle i think of. if you juan want to become a stn in hollywood, the best way to do it is practice. this is jim ang and steve igi, and they're working on their flipping and shooting. i didn't realize that they actually had people who could do these stunts. you know, some of these stunts look like, it's cool, cgi, right? like there's actual stuntmen who
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flip around with guns and do this? >> here they are. jim is in the upcoming movie "dark knight rises" and a couple others coming out. steve has a few more movies, "inception," "tower heist," "gossip girl," didn't know they had stunts on there, "law & order" and "boardwalk empire." i'm pretty positive the flashes and sounds are put in afterwards. and then after somebody came back in and put gun sound and flash effects. >> i feel like these guys should be fbi agents. they should be headed over to quantico and training. >> this looks great on camera, but i'm pretty sure if you came across an fbi agent that was like -- >> like field team 6 went to get osama bin laden, i don't think they would do any of these moves. >> but if they did, they were coming into a room for a raid, wouldn't you be so confused?
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just take me. i don't know what's going on. just take me. this is at the los angeles zoo. this is a mama orangutan with her baby, elka. she's named after betty white's character in "hot in cleveland." a little present to betty white. >> if this orangutan was a boy, but since it's a girl, elka, fine name. >> right. and elka is climbing for the very first time. >> on a chainlink fence. >> yes. look at the face on this little cutie cuterson. she is adorable and has bed hair. >> yeah, she's definitely been taking a few naps here. she's kind of figuring it out like do i use this? >> look. like doing a little split. >> she even went one-handed there for a second. >> this is my favorite part. she went from the one side of the chainlink fence, she's trying to go to the other. look at her little belly button.
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look at her little hair. look at her little body. look at her little yawn. >> she's got a lot of little things. pretty soon she'll be climbing that thing like her mom like she's been doing it all her life. >> that's going to do it for today's "right this minute." we'll see you next time.
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